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What Are Indices?

An index is a measure of the performance of various indicators, for example:

By country: for example, the German DAX index 30.

By groups: stocks in one country, such as the S&P 500 from the United States, which includes 500 companies.

By sector: like the NASDAQ, which includes stocks (and companies) from the technology sector.

A stock index is the value of a group of stocks of one country, showing the overall, current and historical performance of that particular stock index.

Economists, politicians, and analysts can analyze stock indices and quotes to understand how active financial markets and companies in these markets are.

What are some examples of indices?

An alternative to trading equity options or commodity futures is trading indices. These instruments are useful for speculating on the direction of the broad market rather than on movements in individual stocks.

Trading indices is one of the best trading tools in the financial markets and the best way to diversify your risks.

Most traders know the abbreviations of the world's major stock indices, but not everyone knows that they can also be traded through CFDs. In fact, index CFDs cannot be analyzed, but they can also be bought and sold, just as stocks are traded.

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