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What Are Commodities?

The commodities market is a constantly evolving market covering a wide variety of tradable goods. There are three basic segments of the commodities market: agricultural, natural resources, and financial instruments. The agricultural segment is a broad segment covering everything from grains, such as corn and wheat, to oils and meal, such as soybeans and sunflower seed oil, to livestock such as live cattle and pork bellies.

Trading commodities markets generally involves commodity traders and commodity brokers placing bids to buy physical commodities or derivatives, consisting of contracts known in the commodities industry as “swaps” and “options”, the value of which are based upon the fluctuating prices of one or more underlying commodities that are the subject of such contracts, and offers to sell commodities and derivatives in various forms. There are several essential reasons for trading commodities.

First, the presence of the commodity in the stock portfolio may reduce volatility due to the lack of direct correlation between commodities and other asset classes. Secondly, commodities can serve as a safe haven in times of global economic uncertainty and market instability, as they retain physical value.

Besides, the intrinsic value of commodities is independent of currencies. Often they retain their value, even if the currency in which they are valued falls during inflation. Finally, there’s always an opportunity to earn income by speculating on commodity prices. One of the easiest and most popular ways to trade goods is to use CFDs.

Investing in commodity CFDs eliminates the inconvenience of paying for the storage of goods during physical delivery. Using CFDs for commodities allows you to open long or short positions without resorting to conventional exchanges such as CME, ICE, or NYMEX.

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