The current market situation pushed investors into stocks, and we have a record-high valuation as a consequence.

Goldman Sachs strategist Petter Oppenheimer has recently led an exhaustive study of asset bubbles over the past three centuries. According to him, while interest rates are historically low, it keeps returns in other assets down and, in turn, makes the stocks the best option for robust returns.

Oppenheimer said: "While the technology companies of today have become very large, they're also extremely profitable. They've seen roughly three times the average sales growth of the rest of the market, and roughly twice the average net income growth over the last few years.... being large and seeing strong price appreciation is not the equivalent of being a bubble, I think because these have actually been very profitable parts of the market."

Goldman Sachs picked three stocks that are expected to see gains in today's environment.

The first stock we will discuss is Oscar Health (OSCR). It is a disruptive company in the health insurance industry. It was founded in 2012. OSCR currently serves over 520,000 customers in 18 states. The company is now focusing on providing a new type of health insurance—namely, telemedicine, technological healthcare interfaces. In March, the company offered over 37 million shares at $39 apiece. It was $1 above the initial guidance, raising over $1.4 billion.

To reach the goal, Oscar has a Strong Buy rating, going along with the generally optimistic outlook, with its target price at $44 for the next 12 months.

Although it has not been long since the company is on the public market, it has received six analyst reviews, 4 Buys against a single Hold, making the consensus view a Strong Buy. At the moment, the shares now cost $25.06, and the average target of $37.82 suggests the possibility of 51% growth in 2021.