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What Are CFDs?

A CFD is a contract between a broker and his client where the client swaps the ownership of the physical stock for a contract with a broker that gives him the same economic interest.

The buyer of a CFD will profit if the underlying instrument on which the CFD is based rises in price and a seller will profit if the price falls.

CFDs are an excellent product for traders, offering incredible advantages, such as built-leverage, low entry cost, and a huge range of markets.

Both experienced and new CFD traders have a great opportunity to take advantage of many benefits CFD trading has to offer. Understanding there’s a fear around trading CFDs due to the leveraged nature of the product, many traders choose CFDs as their main trading realm. Controlling the amount of leverage on your account lies solely in your hands and you have the option to trade at higher levels of leverage, trade in a risky fashion, or trade at a lower level of leverage and limit your risks.

Before you begin trading CFDs, AcceptTrade will help you understand the basics. Once you open your account, we’ll explain how CFDs work and why they are one of the most interesting products for traders. You will learn how to make the most of their best features.

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