Petter Oppenheimer is a Goldman Sachs strategist. He led an exhaustive study of asset bubbles over the past three centuries. According to him, while interest rates are historically low, it keeps returns in other assets down and, in turn, makes the stocks the best option for robust returns.
In today's article, we are continuing to look at the other two stocks selected by Goldman Sachs. These stocks are expected to see gains in today's environment.

Zai Lab, Ltd. (ZLAB) is a company based in China. Its pipelines include at least 21 agents under development. Against a wide range of conditions, starting from cancers to autoimmune diseases to infectious agents, Zai Lab tests and creates a wide range of therapeutic agents.

The company's trade name is Optune. It is working for tumor treating fields; A new treatment option that uses electric fields tuned to particular frequencies to inhibit the cell division that causes tumor growth. The treatment is targeting tumors in the brain. The majority of countries around the world have approved the use of Optune.

The company shares are rated as a Buy and gives the stocks a $205 price target. Its target at the current level implies a substantial 64% one-year upside.
Analysts' three record reviews, all Buy and the Strong Buy consensus rating ZLAB are unanimous. The stocks' current trading is $129, with its average price target of $207.29. It is more bullish than the Goldman Sachs target. It is suggesting a 61% growth this year.

Coupang (CPNG) is a South Korean e-commerce company. It was founded in 2021 and showed over 5.9$ billion in sales in 2019. It doubled $12 billion in 2020. Currently, it is on its way to dominating the South Korean online retail market. The company sells a great range of vast amounts of products on its website. Coupang offered 130 million shares at $35 prices and raised $4.55 billion.

Goldman Sachs analyst Eric Cha is among the bulls, giving the stock Buy rating and a price target of $52. Investors stand to gain 35%. Meanwhile, the 12-month average price target is $50.60.